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Protect Your Storage

Storage facilities are vulnerable to all types of environmental conditions, especially when units are outside. The most common forms of damage to these facilities is water damage and theft, fortunately, Monnit has a solution to ensure your extra items remain dry and safe.

All of our sensors, gateways, and software work together to provide you with complete peace of mind. Users are not only able to customize what sensors are in their environment, but also the notifications sent out and the appropriate response action afterwards. Monnit wireless sensors are active around the clock, keeping an eye on your environment even when you can't. We have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost inventory or water damage in larger storage facilities, you can put the same level of protection to use in your smaller unit. Most of our complete network solutions can be built for under $500, we encourage individuals to start small and expand networks from there once the value has been realized. Whether keeping an eye on a single unit or monitoring several spaced-out locations, Monnit has the ideal solution for you.