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Reduce Spoilage and Waste

Walk-in coolers or refrigerators usually have tens of thousands of dollars of food or medical supplies in them which need to be kept at a specific temperature to avoid spoilage. Walk-in coolers are accessed frequently throughout the day, but are rarely monitored after a restaurant or business closes for the evening. This period of time is where the most damage occurs as perishables can be left in an ever-increasing temperature, often too late to save the next morning.

Wireless temperature sensors are by far the most popular sensor Monnit sells, most of them specifically used for tracking cooler or freezer temperatures after-hours. While repairs can be costly for these machines, the real expense of rising temperatures is the irreplaceable damage done to your product inside. For restaurants, there might not be enough supplies to operate that day, forcing the restaurant to close while new supplies are purchased and prepared. It might be more serious for hospitals or laboratories, there might not ever be a way to retrieve a specific sample again once lost. At the very least, medicine, samples, or supplies will have to be thrown out and replaced.

Some of the more common issues seen with commercial walk-in coolers or freezers can all be attached to Monnit wireless sensors to send instant updates. Temperature is the most obvious application, if the temperature rises without warning, there is an error and steps need to be taken to preserve the contents of your walk-in. While this is the most basic way to keep an eye on your chilled supplies, you can also get more in-depth if you would like. A lack of power would be a major problem, perhaps a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, wiring issues, or a faulty storage room control board could be causing the issue. Hook up one of Monnit's A/C current meters at the desired location to document power consumption to insure everything is working fine. If the motor is constantly running, this could indicate a refrigerant leak or another leak elsewhere that is allowing cold air to escape. You could attach an activity detection sensor to detect vibrations and sudden movement. Once you have established a pattern of behavior, it is easy to be alerted if a motor is running above or below desired levels. Another thing you could oversee is water build up with one of Monnit's wireless water detection sensors. Leaking water or ice buildup indicates an underlying problem which will require professional maintenance to fix.

Walk-in coolers or freezers are essential for certain businesses in order to remain functioning. In the case of an outage, there is a lot of time and money spent trying to get operations back on track. At the very least, a Monnit temperature sensor will be able to give you enough time to save the contents of your walk-in before repairs are scheduled. Depending on your specific needs, any mechanical issues which cause perishable items to spoil can easily be detected using Monnit wireless sensors.