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Save Time and Resources

One of the key features associated with Monnit wireless sensors is the ability to operate around the clock for years while running on battery power. Even the smallest sensors (coin cell batteries) can remain powered for over a year, AA or industrial sensors can last 2-5 years without having to change batteries. Monnit wireless sensors are designed to save companies time and resources and one of the key ways to accomplish this is to function 24/7 for long periods.

Some of the biggest drains of time and human resources are the manual checking of machinery, temperatures, or anything else which needs to be inspected/documented. On top of the time spent checking and recording figures, the documentation can be scrambled and inaccuracies with the documentation are more prone to human error. This is where Monnit wireless sensors can significantly improve any required monitoring. To start, inspectors are only able to keep an eye on facilities while they are present on-site. Monnit wireless sensors can monitor conditions around the clock, giving you peace of mind even after business hours. The second key difference is the time spent daily checking various conditions. A secure Monnit network can be set up in as little as 15 minutes and starts working right away with updates every hour. Our secure cloud software allows the user to customize the settings of the sensor as well as the notification alerts, both the message itself as well as what threshold triggers the notification to be sent. Once your system has been set up, there is no more tweaking required. View all of your sensor data in one application accessible through any internet-enabled device. Documentation happens automatically, users can pull past reports of a single sensor or entire network at any time with a simple click.

The main goal of Monnit wireless sensors is to automatically track potential problem areas of your company for you. Should an issue happen to arise, alerts will be sent to any internet-enabled device in the form of a text message, email, or voice call. Daily documentation happens automatically, you can pull reports from sensors even when there are no issues to address. Monnit wireless sensors are not just meant to send alerts, but provide peace of mind and precise information without having to spend additional time and resources. Let Monnit do the busy work so you can spend more time focusing on what matters to your business.