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Wireless Freedom

Monnit sensors truly are wireless, we have designed each of our products with this concept in mind. In order for sensors to be as efficient as possible, users need to be able to place them anywhere and not worry about power supply. This "plug and play" mentality is going to be what ultimately drives the IoT industry forward. Eventually, when electricity can be transmitted wirelessly over long distances, organizations will be able to place extremely powerful sensors in any location and not have to worry about power issues at all. Until that happens however, Monnit wireless sensors will utilize existing technologies to maximize their efficiency.

Even our smallest sensors (3.0V coin cell) are able to function for 1-2 years at hour long heartbeat intervals. A step up from this would be either AA or Industrial sensors, capable of running on the same battery for 3-7 years at a one-hour heartbeat. Battery levels are displayed on iMonnit software next to each sensor so users can quickly determine if the battery needs to be replaced. Users can also set up notifications to alert them of a battery dropping below certain levels.

Monnit wireless sensors are able to communicate with a gateway 250-300 ft. non-line of sight. In this scenario, expectations would be for data transfer through 7-10 walls. By using radio frequencies, Monnit sensors and gateways will not interfere with current existing networks such as Wi-Fi. These products are a complete wireless solution geared towards maximum ease of use. Feel free to dive into specific details by checking out the product specifications tab at the bottom of each sensors home page.