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iMonnit™ Sensor Mapping Tool

Have you ever forgot where you placed something. We understand that building a sensor network takes time and effort to place your sensors where they are most effective while maintaining the ability to transmit reliably. Now Monnit is proud to include an added feature to our iMonnit™ online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system allowing you the ability to upload a building schematic or blueprint and map out where sensors are placed. By clicking on the sensor graphics within this tool you have immediate access to the sensors last reading and configuration data.

Sensor Mapping Tool

  • Upload any graphic in jpg, gif or png format.
  • Sensors on map allow single click access to sensor information.
  • Multiple maps can be created (ex. multiple floor buildings).

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In order to log into and use any of the wireless sensor monitoring systems, you must own a Monnit Wireless Sensor kit and be a registered user. For more information contact us at info@monnit.com or buy your wireless sensors products today.