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Monnit Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

Monnit provides a software integration platform for independent software vendors wishing to use our wireless sensing hardware with their own backend software application. Monnit wireless gateways can be directed to a custom host or IP address where they can communicate with your existing or custom software application using Monnit Mine software API as a translation layer.

Monnit Mine Features:

  • API in multiple languages for easy integration (.Net / Java)
  • Can be setup and receiving data in just a few minutes
  • Fully functional sample application with source included
  • Designed to work with Monnit’s diverse set of more than 48 different wireless sensor types, wireless control and robust, reliable wireless gateways
  • Can implement broad range of sensors and gateways into existing monitoring solution instead of having to implement one sensor at a time
  • Brings true low cost hardware to existing monitoring infrastructure
  • Worldwide hardware offering with single software implementation
  • Data security and integrity maintained with strong encryption algorithms

Developing your own solution from the ground up takes time and money!
Why not use our ready built, low-cost wireless sensors and gateways with your existing or custom software application?

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Monnit Sensors can send data through our gateways to your existing or custom software application.
Partner with a company that has the products your customers need. We currently have over 48 different sensor types available.

Monnit Partner Portal
As a Monnit partner, we provide you with everything you need to be successful selling Monnit remote monitoring solutions, whether our brand or yours.

Why Partner With Monnit?
  • Low Cost Wireless Solutions
  • Proven Quality and Reliability
  • Experienced Development Team
  • Private / White Label (Sell as your own)
  • Partner Portal with Source Documents
  • Software Applications and APIs
  • FCC, IC and CE Certified Global Products
  • Best-in-Class Support