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Sensor Data From Our Gateways To Your Application

Pass Sensor Data to Your Own Application

Already have a backend solution and want to add wireless sensors? Monnit Sensors can send data from our gateways to your application. You can use or sell an industry leading remote monitoring solution that communicates with your application, dashboard or mobile app.

Custom Gateway Configuration

Monnit Gateways support custom configurations that allow them to connect directly with your server or database. Alternately we have the ability to push data through 3rd party API's.

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Data from our gateway to your application

Monnit Mine - Application Development Software

Features of Monnit Mine API

  • API in multiple languages for easy integration (.Net / Java)
  • Can be setup and receiving data in just a few minutes
  • Fully functional sample application with source included
  • Designed to work with Monnit’s diverse set of more than 48 different wireless sensor types, wireless control and robust, reliable wireless gateways
  • Can implement broad range of sensors and gateways into existing monitoring solution instead of having to implement one sensor at a time
  • Brings true low cost hardware to existing monitoring infrastructure
  • Worldwide hardware offering with single software implementation
  • Data security and integrity maintained with strong encryption algorithms

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Want to test it out or develop prior to purchase? You can download the Monnit Mine™ software now to test or develop with, and purchase the Reseller License when you are ready to deploy.

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Why Should You Use Monnit Sensors?
  • Ready Built Solution
    Save time and money with a complete ready built platform. Why build your own system when you can use a complete, low-cost, tried and tested solution from Monnit?
  • Make It Your Own With Private Labeling
    White label sensors, gateways and software with your own private brand.
  • Own The Data
    Generate recurring revenue by providing data collection and monitoring services to your customers.
  • Robust Wireless Products with Exceptional Range
    Monnit sensors are being used by some of the most demanding industries. Our products have a 250' - 300' wireless range which is expandable with a wireless Repeater.

From concept to deployment, using Monnit's OEM Sensors made our last project the easiest and quickest we have ever done. Their customer support is top notch and most importantly, their stuff works like it should!

– Kevin K., Minnesota

I can not recommend these guys enough! Their products are stellar and their team is on the ball! If you are looking for quality, look no further!

– James R., Detroit, MI

What a great team! They were so easy to work with and they really know what they are doing! Custom hardware development with OEM Sensors is a snap.

– Derrick S., Tampa, FL

OEM Sensors saved me so much time! We had been trying to develop our own solution for almost a year when we came across OEMSensors.com. With their help, we created a solution that met our exact needs and did it for a fraction of the cost! Outstanding support!

– Kevin T., San Diego, CA