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Value Added Resellers

The Monnit Advantage from Your Point of View
Why should you consider reselling Monnit remote monitoring solutions to your customers?

  • Ease of Install, Simple to Understand, Affordable
    Most likely, you never had access to anything like this. Maybe you've wanted to suggest sensors to your customer base at one point or another, but found the technology was either overly complicated for the customer to understand, difficult for you to install, cost prohibitive, or maybe all three.

    Monnit has tried to address all the issues with our various kits making them easy to install (they are wireless, so simply install using the included mounting options), simple for the customer to understand, and affordable - eliminating the price backlash commonly associated with sensor networking technologies today.

  • Revenue Model
    Not only can you make money selling our hardware to your customer base, we've structured things so you can generate ongoing revenue from the iMonnit™ online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system. How many products do you sell today will still be generating revenue for you three years from now?

  • Competitive Advantage
    In a market where it seems like your competition is in on every opportunity you are, how do you differentiate yourself without simply becoming the cheapest option and eroding your margins? Give your current and new customer bases a reason to stay, or select you by offering them a useful solution that helps them prevent damage to assets they’ve worked hard to build or acquire.

  • Private Label Branding
    Monnit is willing to allow private label branding of our hardware and monitoring service. Call a Monnit sales rep for more information.
Developing your own solution from the ground up takes time and money!
Why not use our ready built, low-cost wireless sensing and alerting solution?

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Partner with a company that has the products your customers need. We currently have over 48 different sensor types available.
Monnit Partner Portal
As a Monnit partner, we provide you with everything you need to be successful selling Monnit remote monitoring solutions, whether our brand or yours.

Why Partner With Monnit?
  • Low Cost Wireless Solutions
  • Proven Quality and Reliability
  • Experienced Development Team
  • Private / White Label (Sell as your own)
  • Partner Portal with Source Documents
  • Software Applications and APIs
  • FCC, IC and CE Certified Global Products
  • Best-in-Class Support