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Monnit Wireless Gateways
Monnit Cellular Gateways Most popular wireless gateway, no Internet connection required, works from anywhere View Product Information »
Monnit Ethernet Gateway Most cost effective wireless gateway, existing Internet connection required. View Product Information »

Monnit Wireless Sensors
Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensor

Most popular selling wireless sensors from Monnit.

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Monnit Wireless Humidity Sensor

Industry leading relative humidity sensors from Monnit.

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Monnit Wireless Water Sensor

Prevent damage with water detection sensors from Monnit.

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Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensor
Monnit Wireless Humidity Sensor
Monnit Wireless Water Detect Sensor
Monnit Wireless Water Rope Sensor
Monnit Wireless Door/Window Sensor
Monnit Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor
Monnit Wireless Carbon Monoxide CO Sensor
Monnit Wireless Dry Contact Sensor
Monnit Wireless Accelerometers
Monnit Wireless Voltage Meters
Monnit AC Current Meters
Monnit Voltage Detection Sensors
Monnit Resistance Sensors
Monnit mA Current Meters
Monnit Pulse Counters
Monnit Light Meters
Monnit Light Detection Sensors
Monnit Pressure Meters
Monnit Magnet Detection Sensors
Monnit Asset Sensors
Monnit Activity Detection Sensors
Monnit Vehicle Detection Sensors
Monnit Seat Occupancy Sensors
Monnit Flex Sensors
Monnit Button Press Sensor
Monnit Compass Sensors
Monnit Liquid Level Sensors

Monitoring Software
iMonnit Premiere Online Monitoring

Most popular, online monitoring solution from Monnit.

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Monnit Express Software

Local software monitoring, no Internet connection needed.

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Monnit Enterprise Software

Enterprise, self-hosted solutions (installs on your servers).

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Other Monnit Products
Monnit Wireless Control

Control electrical devices automatically based on sensor settings or manually with your computer, tablet or phone.

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Monnit Wireless Accessories

Monnit wireless range extenders allow you to extend the coverage area of your wireless sensor network.

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Monnit Wireless Accessories

Additional products, cables and batteries for using and improving your wireless sensors networks.

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