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Monitoring Software

View, control & act—from anywhere.

Our iMonnit monitoring software allows you to view and control the sensors in your network and receive alerts from them so you can take action. iMonnit comes in four flavors to meet the needs of any business.

From the turnkey cloud-based approach to extremely configurable on-prem options—allowing for air gap and other security requirements—iMonnit IoT software solutions accommodate firms around the globe.

When it comes to remote monitoring,
you have software options









always free starting @ $39/yr price $79/yr call for pricing
basic config
  advanced config
history reports
data export  
USB gateway
Ethernet gateway
cell gateway  
WiFi sensors  
internet accessible
    offline access
mobile access
alert history  
mobile app    
  multiple users
group configs  
  access control
email alerts
SMS alerts    
voice calls    
in-app alerts
  sensor mapping  
  automated reporting    
2 hours 10 minutes heartbeat min. 1 second 1 second
1 20 # of networks 1 unlimited
500 per network 500 per network # of sensors up to 100 500 per network
100 1,000 # of gateways 10 unlimited
1 unlimited # of users up to 100 unlimited
45 days 1 Year saved history 5,000 records

* Basic—3 months, Express—5,000 data points, Enterprise-depends on your server configuration
** Depends on your firewall & server setup
*** Past 12 months are viewable online. Older data can be made available— please contact Monnit.

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