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Monnit System Security

At Monnit we take security seriously. We have addressed security concerns at all levels of our distributed intelligence sensing platform. Keeping data safe is top priority at each level of communication, starting with Monnit's intelligent sensor line, all the way up to the iMonnit online sensor monitoring software, where the data safely resides and people are notified of events occurring in their world that have been captured by Monnit sensors.

One of the great advantages of using a Monnit sensor system is that ours are intelligent sensors. Their bi-directional communication allows them to verify delivery of messages and to receive and store values that can affect their behavior. Receiving acknowledgements for the messages they send allows the sensors to continually confirm they are connected to a MonnitLink gateway so they can know their data is safe. The wireless protocol developed by Monnit not only gives you best in class range and battery life, it also protects against radio interference and spoofing of sensor data by third parties. Even in the unfortunate event of a power outage or similar that takes a gateway offline, the intelligent sensors recognize that their secure connection has been disrupted and enter a “Link” state waiting for the power to be restored to the gateway and then only after reestablishing their connection with the gateway do they start transmitting data again.

Distributed intelligence means intelligence at all levels of the Monnit system, our gateways are no exception. We have experience building gateways that communicate over many communication mediums Serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular. Monnit proprietary gateway communication protocol allows maximum performance with minimal bandwidth consumption. While this compressed data has always been obfuscated and the small packet size difficult to decipher, the newest addition to this protocol boasts a powerful 128 bit encryption engine. Until January 2000 US law prohibited exporting software that utilized greater than 40 bit encryption with national security concerns. The repeal of this law enabled strong 128 bit encryption to be deployed worldwide. Monnit sensors and gateways are available in frequencies which can be distributed anywhere in the world and the communication to the iMonnit online software is now backed by the same level of encryption that secures our online transactions.

Ultimately the real usefulness of the data is culminated in the iMonnit online software where raw data from multiple sensor networks are brought together and parsed into meaningful data. The data now in its easy to consume state is stored securely on dedicated servers running Microsoft SQL Server. Access to the data is made available through either the iMonnit user interface or an application programming interface (API). Both of which utilize 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates issued by a certified third party. Our certificates are automatically recognized by 99.9% of web browsers. This cryptographic protocol encrypts packets at the application layer before it is even handed off to be packaged for transmission. SSL uses asymmetric cryptography for exchanging encryption keys, and message authentication codes to ensure data integrity after it arrives at its destination. This is the same security used by banks and other financial institutions to protect online banking transactions. All of this is available with either a free Basic iMonnit account, or a Premier subscription to iMonnit for a full featured sensor monitoring solution.

Users of Monnit sensor systems rest easy knowing that starting at the sensor, data collected is protected all the way through the process. We maintain the highest standards of data protection to ensure data entrusted to the Monnit system arrives at its intended destination securely.