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Starting with a Monnit wireless sensor network (WSN)

Keywords: Using Monnit Sensors, iMonnit


Information on what devices are needed for a wireless sensor network

What do you need to have in your possession to run a Monnit wireless sensor network (WSN)?

To deploy a standard Monnit wireless sensor network, you will need a MonnitLink™ wireless gateway and any Monnit wireless sensor(s) that are needed for your application.

If using Monnit Wi-Fi (MoWi) sensors, no Monnit wireless gateway is needed. You will need to have an existing Wi-Fi network in range of the Wi-Fi sensors for them to communicate with the iMonnit online sensor monitoring system.

If using a MonnitLink™ USB wireless gateway, you will need to have a Windows PC with Internet access to transmit the sensor data to iMonnit, the online sensor monitoring system. (Alternately you can use Monnit Express to gather sensor data locally without an internet connection.

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