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Updating MonnitLink Gateway Firmware

Keywords: Upgrade Firmware, Using Monnit Sensors


Process for updating a Monnit Ethernet Gateway's firmware.

There may be a time when it makes sensor to update the Ethernet gateway firmware. Please note that the Ethernet gateway has two microprocessors and each microprocessor has firmware on it. One microprocessor handles the radio operations for interaction with the sensors. This firmware is NOT upgradable over the air!

The upgrade described here is for the firmware on the microprocessor responsible for interacting with the server and those types of operations.

You can tell what firmware the gateway is running from the My Network page.  If you mouse over the Status icon the tool tip will display both the APN firmware (Radio) and the Gateway Firmware versions.

If there is an update available you can click on the gateway name and there will be an upgrade link.

Note: Updating the gateway will reset to factory defaults. This includes the heartbeats. Factory heartbeats for an Ethernet gateway are 5 minutes and for a Cellular gateway are 60 minutes. For the Ethernet gateway, if there is a static IP Address or similar setting, it will revert to DHCP. It will then need to be taken to a network with DHCP to be configured with the static IP Address again.

After you press the upgrade link the server has to wait until the gateway checks in (see your heartbeat setting). Then the upgrade process takes about 30 seconds to download the new firmware and then it will reboot and be ready to go.

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