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MonnitLink Ethernet Gateway LEDs

Keywords: Troubleshooting, Gateway Use, Ethernet Gateway


Troubleshooting tips for understanding Monnitlink Ethernet Gateway lights, what they mean and what you can do to correct any issues.


X-Any Color A,G,R,O

Fx-Flashing (on for x seconds, off for x seconds)

G,G.5,G - Communicating to the server. The first light (Left) is solid green, the second light (middle) blinks for half a second indicating the communication to the server, and the third light (Left) will be solid.

Internal Test
A,A,A - Check low level init, APN init
A,A,R - APN Failed to talk

APN Com passed
A,A,G - Internal Memory check
A,R,G - Internal Memory Failed

Memory Check Passed
A,G,G - Ethernet hardware Test
R,G,G - Ethernet Hardware failure

Ethernet Hardware Online
G,G,G - 2 seconds Boot Mode Passed Successfully
If button is held down during this 2 seconds gateway enters config mode

Local Config Mode
R,R,R - until button is released,
If it entered this state and you didn't press the button or
if it never leaves all red then it's a hardware button failure

GF1,GF1,GF1 No Ethernet link detected (no cable or similar)
GF.5,GF.5,GF.5 Ethernet Link Established static IP or DHCP server in operation (Waiting for TCP Connection)
G,G,G - Http traffic established (first page loaded)

Boot sequence
R,O,O - Waiting for Ethernet layer link (cable to be plugged in)
RF.5,O,O - Obtaining DHCP Lease (this step skipped if static settings are used)
G,R,O - IPAddress applied
GF.5,R,O - DNS Resolving
G,RF.5,O - Communicating with Server
G,G,RF.5 - Network reforming
G,G,G - Run Mode

Run Mode
G,G,G - all systems online and previous server communication successfully
G,R,G - All systems online and previous server communication failed
R,G,G - Ethernet link disrupted no communication timer not lapsed yet (last communication with server successful)
R,R,G - Ethernet link disrupted last communication with server failed
G,G,RF.5 - Network reforming
G,GF.5,G - Communicating to server, previous server communication successful
G,RF.5,G - Communicating to server, previous server communication failed
G,G,GF.5 - Communication with sensor.

Code Error
RF.5,RF.5,RF.5 (two flashes then off for 2 seconds, repeat)