Troubleshooting a MonnitLink USB Gateway

Keywords: Troubleshooting, Gateway Use, USB Gateway


Troubleshooting tips for the MonnitLink USB Gateway and correcting any issues.

If the USB stays or goes idle-

There are 2 reasons for this instability… the first is a firewall. The computer needs an open TCP connection on port 3000 in order to work. You can use the communication check utility available here to test and see if it is a firewall problem:

If that is not the problem, please upgrade to the latest version of the Gateway application.

Uninstall the current version, then go to this link:

Monnit™ Gateway Application Service and Status Installer

Installing the latest version should get your gateway to stabilize. The status in the Gateway Utility must be Active all the time to be functioning properly for sensor data to be collected and sent up to the server.

If the gateway stops responding -

Causes for USB gateway failure include, but are not limited to:

  1. PC is powered off.
  2. Monnit Gateway Application software is not running.
  3. No internet access is available on the PC.
  4. USB has gone idle or is in an unknown state.
  5. USB has been unplugged or unpowered.
  6. Windows Update caused the Monnit Gateway Application software to go off.
  7. PC has gone to sleep or is in hibernate mode.
  8. Firewall is blocking the gateway application software.