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Welcome to the Monnit Knowledge Base

Troubleshooting Steps for a Sensor Not Coming Online

What to do if sensor returns a reading with "Hardware Failure".

Advantages to buying temperature sensor in addition to humidity sensor

How to replace the batteries in your Monnit wireless sensors.

Information on how a sensor connects to the network. What is Link Mode?

Things to consider when your Monnit Wi-Fi (MOWI) sensor is no longer reporting data online.

Gain an understanding of how Monnit wireless sensors function and how different settings affect sensor operation.

How to install a Monnit Wireless Voltage Sensor

We have taken the time to make our new Wi-Fi sensor line the easiest wireless sensors to use yet. This tech-tip demonstrates the setup process for using these new sensors.

A brief description of how to set-up and use the bi-stable function of Monnit wireless motion sensors.