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Welcome to the Monnit Knowledge Base

Troubleshooting Steps for a Sensor Not Coming Online

Advantages to buying temperature sensor in addition to humidity sensor

How to replace the batteries in your Monnit wireless sensors.

Information on how a sensor connects to the network. What is Link Mode?

Things to consider when your Monnit Wi-Fi (MOWI) sensor is no longer reporting data online.

Gain an understanding of how Monnit wireless sensors function and how different settings affect sensor operation.

How to install a Monnit Wireless Voltage Sensor

We have taken the time to make our new Wi-Fi sensor line the easiest wireless sensors to use yet. This tech-tip demonstrates the setup process for using these new sensors.

A brief description of how to set-up and use the bi-stable function of Monnit wireless motion sensors.

Some Monnit wireless sensors can be calibrated to provide more accurate readings (ex. temperature sensors). This tech tip will demonstrate the process of calibrating a Monnit wireless sensor.