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Mounting a Liquid Level Sensor

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What's the best way to mount a Liquid Level Sensor?

What's the best way to mount a Liquid Level Sensor?

A: The liquid level tape/ribbon performs best when it is straight and not allowed to bend. To achieve this, mount the tape along the wall of the tank by securing it with an appropriate adhesive or tape. If this is not possible, the next best practice is to attach a mild amount of weight (a few ounces, less than 1 lb) to the bottom of the tape so that when it is immersed in the liquid, the tape does not float. Depending on the liquid, the tape may bend a little due to the surface tension of the liquid. It will not float outright, but without being weighted at the end, it may not hang straight.

This sensor may also be used to monitor the level of other solid substances such as: grain, sand, powdered substances, gravel, pellets, etc. 

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