Replacing Batteries in Your Wireless Sensors

Keywords: Replacing Batteries, Using Monnit Sensors


How to replace the batteries in your Monnit wireless sensors.

With our standard sensors, once the coin cell battery has been depleted, you can change the battery by peeling the sticker away from the battery slot, then from the other side of the sensor, push the battery out with a paper clip, toothpick, or small screwdriver and replace with a new CR2032 coin cell battery.

With AA battery type sensors, simply slide the battery compartment door open to access the batteries.

With an Industrial sensor, you will need to obtain a TADIRAN TL-2100/S from either Monnit or another industrial battery supplier. Note that a standard Energizer AA or Duracell AA DOES NOT have the voltage necessary to power the unit. The Tadiran TL-2100/S is NOT rechargable. Once you have the proper battery, you will need to unscrew the four screws at the corners to access the battery clips inside. We encourage you to recycle all old batteries.

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