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Sensor Does Not Come Online

Keywords: Troubleshooting, Using Monnit Sensors


Troubleshooting Steps for a Sensor Not Coming Online

Check battery.

  1. If not installed, install battery.
  2. If installed, check orientation and if it is fully seated.
  3. If installed, remove the battery for 60 seconds, then replace.
  4. If installed correctly, try switching batteries with a known working battery.

Check if sensor is in the “On” position.

Check the distance from sensor to gateway:

  1. Commercial Coin Cell Sensors: Should be no closer than 3 to 5 feet and within 200 to 250 feet non-line-of-sight.
  2. Commercial AA Sensors: Should be no closer than 5 to 7 feet and within 250 to 300 feet non-line-of-sight. 
  3. Industrial Sensors: Should be no closer than 7 to 10 feet and within 300 to 350 feet non-line-of-sight. 
  4. WiFi Sensors: Should be within 250 feet.

Check that the sensor RF is compatible with the gateway RF.

Check that the sensor firmware version is compatible with the gateway’s version.  

Check that gateway is turned on.

Check that sensor has been added to the network and the gateway’s sensor list:

In iMonnit:

  1. Click “View Gateways”.
  2. Click the name of the gateway.
  3. Click “Sensor List” tab.

In Express: 

      1. Click the "Sensors" tab.

If the sensors have been added to iMonnit Express, but are still not checking in:

For USB Gateway in iMonnit Express

  1. Open Monnit Link Gateway Status.
  2. Click “Actions”.
  3. Click “Download New Sensors”.

For Ethernet Gateway in iMonnit Express

  1. Press the control button (on the back of the gateway, you will need a pen, paperclip or other long slender tool).

 If the sensor still doesn’t come online, please contact support via chat online, email to support@monnit.com or by phone, 1-801-561-5555.


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