Using a Temperature Sensor in Addition to a Humidity Sensor

Keywords: humidity sensors, temperature sensors


Advantages to buying temperature sensor in addition to humidity sensor

First you should consider, is your humidity sensor leaded? If not, here are the advantages of having a separate temperature sensor with a lead:

  1. Accuracy – the leaded temperature sensor will be a little more accurate than the humidity sensor because the humidity sensor is directly connected to the processor and both the processor and the battery give off heat during operation, so your data reflects the temperature of the board, which could be off from the ambient temperature

  2. Settle time – the lead will adjust to temperature changes within tens of seconds, while a humidity sensor that does not have a lead must wait for all the electronics and the enclosure to acclimate to the temperature change. This could take tens of minutes.

Advantages of having a temperature sensor in addition to the humidity sensor, regardless of the lead:

  1. Calibration – a humidity sensor cannot calibrate the temperature for greater accuracy, but our temperature sensors can be calibrated, which increases their accuracy.

  2. Only in iMonnit, you cannot set thresholds on temperature, which means you cannot trigger the aware state based off temperature.