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Using Monnit Wireless Sensors to Remotely Monitor Boiler Systems

Keywords: sensor installation, boilers, heating systems


How to install Monnit wireless sensors for tracking and monitoring boiler and heating systems.

To get started, we suggest purchasing a Monnit HVAC Monitoring starter bundle as it will include all the devices needed to remotely monitor one HVAC or boiler system. Bundles can be purchased here. Alternately you can purchase the devices separately if you wish to use a different gateway or coin cell version of some sensors for the indoor portion of the installation.

The devices we recommend are:
    1 - Wireless Gateway
    1 - Industrial Wireless Quad Temperature Sensor
    1 - Industrial Wireless AC Current Meter (150 Amp)
    1 - Wireless Duct Temperature Sensor
    1 - Wireless Temperature Sensor

Before starting any part of this installation process, shut the power off to the boiler system. Start by installing a Monnit wireless gateway. The gateway can be located anywhere in the building where it has access to power and a decent cellular signal (for Cellular gateways) or access to an internet router (Ethernet gateways) or PC (USB gateways).

We recommend using a Monnit industrial wireless quad temperature sensor which has 4 independent temperature probes that can monitor and collect temperature readings for key areas of the boiler system. Each temperature probe is labeled 1 through 4.

Start by connecting each of the temperature probes to the pipes feeding the radiators making note of which probe you are connecting to each. Depending on the number of zones you have you may want to add additional sensors if you would like to track them all. Alternately if you have fewer zones, you can also track the radiant return line or an ambient temperature near the boiler. When connecting a temperature probe to any of the boiler pipes, we recommend using a zip tie to securely fasten the probe tight against the bare metal pipe. After securing the temperature probe use thermal tape to completely wrap the probe to the pipe to provide a thermal barrier allowing the sensor to get a more accurate reading of the pipe temperatures. We also recommend using a wireless duct temperature sensor or a wireless temperature sensor (with probe) to monitor the outside ambient air.

The Monnit industrial wireless AC meter (150 Amp) can be used to track the current draw of the boiler pump. The AC meter uses a clip-on current transformer that should be clamped around the "hot" power wire feeding the boiler pump. Excessive current draw by the pump can signify that the pump is beginning to fail and should be checked and/or serviced.

Overview of Monnit remote monitoring solutions for HVAC systems