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Poll Rate

Keywords: imonnit, settings, gateway, poll, rate, sensor


Description of Poll Rate

Description: Some gateways have an editable setting for Poll Rate. This can be viewed by going to the settings tab under your gateway and scrolling down to the text box labeled "Poll Rate." The default is usually set to 0. 

The Poll Rate setting only applies if you are using Monnit Control or Monnit Local Alert. Here’s how it works: to conserve cellular data, your gateway has a set heartbeat (meaning it only exchanges data with the iMonnit server once every fifteen minutes by default). If you are using Monnit Control or Monnit Local Alert, you may want to control equipment or receive local alerts more frequently. If you were to increase your gateway heartbeat, you would increase your data usage substantially.

Setting a poll rate allows your gateway to check for priority incoming messages more frequently—while using a fraction of the data of a regular message exchange. Your gateway asks the iMonnit server if there are any priority incoming messages, and if there are, they are exchanged immediately. If not, no messages are exchanged until your gateway has its next regular heartbeat.


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