Understanding the Default State of a Control Unit

Control Unit Default State

Monnit Control Units have a Default State configuration which determines the normal operating state of each Relay. Each Relay can be independently configured to have a Default State of Off or On.

What is the Default State?
The Default State is the preconfigured State of each Relay when the Control Unit is powered on. If the Default State is configured to be Off, that Relay will be off (Relay open) when the unit is powered on. If it is configured to be On, that Relay will be on (Relay closed) when the unit is powered on.

Is the Default State executed while the Control Unit is operational?

Note: A common question regarding the Default State, is if the Control Unit returns to the Default State after a Relay command is executed. The Default State is not executed after a Relay command is sent to the Control Unit. When a command is received by the Control Unit, the Relay will stay in that state until an additional command is sent to the unit changing the Relay state. In the scenario of a timed Relay command, the Relay will toggle to the opposite state after the timer expires, but this is not determined by the Default State.

The Default State is applied in three scenarios:

  1. When the Control Unit is first powered on, the Relay will start with the Default State.
  2. After a configuration has been sent to and accepted by the Control Unit.
  3. If you have a Generation 1 Control Unit, and the paired sensor is not in its Aware State.

In Generation 1 Control Units, what is the paired sensor feature?
This is not a feature of the Alta generation of Control Units as improvements to the platform have rendered it redundant. Monnit’s Generation 1 Control Units have a function which utilizes the Control Unit’s Default State with a paired sensor.

If the sensor ID that is entered in the Paired Sensor ID field in the Control Unit’s Settings is in its Standard operating mode, the associated Relay will be in its Default State. If the paired sensor is within communication range and enters its Aware State, the Relay will toggle to the non-Default State.

Control Unit - Default State


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