Edge Gateway - Configuring Server Location

The Edge Gateway offers the ability to direct the Default Interface (Monnit protocol) traffic from the iMonnit Express Core server onboard the Edge Gateway to the iMonnit Online (or potentially another Monnit server). Support for this feature is limited, but you will find the steps that can be taken to apply such a configuration.
Prior to executing the steps in the article, you may need to consult support@monnit.com for more information on this feature.

  • Visit the Edge Gateway’s local HTTP interface (enter the IP or mDNS name in a browser).
  • Visit the page https://X.X.X.X/dialogs/monnit_server (replacing the X’s with the IP address of the gateway).
  • If prompted enter the password for the gateway’s interface and continue.
  • Enter sensorsgateway.com (to Point to imonnit.com) or the IP/domain of the Monnit server to which the gateway is being pointed.
  • Select the Submit Monnit Server Settings button.
  • The gateway should reboot and start delivering data to the configured Monnit server.
    Edge Gateway Server Configuration
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