Gateway - Trigger on Aware

The configuration that allows Monnit gateways to immediately transmit sensor readings to the iMonnit software is the Trigger on Aware configuration. If this is enabled, the gateway triggers a Heartbeat as soon as it receives a reading from a sensor that is in its Aware State. This function is what allows for a User to be alerted of a condition when the condition occurs, rather than waiting for the scheduled sensor/gateway Heartbeats.

If this configuration is disabled, your sensor may still report an Aware State reading to your gateway immediately, but the gateway will wait to deliver the reading to the iMonnit software until its scheduled Heartbeat. If your gateway is configured with an infrequent Heartbeat (like a cellular gateway with a 60 minute Heartbeat), you may potentially be waiting a significant amount of time until the reading is present in the software. If the setting is enabled, a gateway Heartbeat will be triggered by the reading when it is received by the gateway in which case it will be seen in the iMonnit software when the reading occurs.

This configuration is enabled by default, but if it is not, you can enable it with the steps below.

  • Log into the iMonnit Online Portal
  • Select Gateways
  • Select the gateway you wish to configure
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Under the General sub-tab, set the “On Aware Messages” configuration to “Trigger Heartbeat”
  • Select Save
    Ethernet Gateway Trigger on Aware
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The configuration will be applied on the subsequent gateway Heartbeat.

When you may not want this enabled

Although rare, there may be scenarios in which you want this feature enabled. If you have an application in which you want consistent delivery of data by your gateway on the scheduled Heartbeat, you may want to disable this feature. To do so, set the toggle to “Wait for Heartbeat”, and your gateway will not initiate a Heartbeat when it receives Aware messages from your sensors.

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