USB Gateway or Wireless Sensor Adapter - Basic Troubleshooting

If you find your USB Gateway or Wireless Sensor Adapter is not sending data to iMonnit software

There may be a scenario, such as after a Windows configuration change, in which your USB Gateway is communicating with the computer but the data is not reaching the iMonnit software. If the gateway is recognized by the PC, and there are no issues with the hardware (for steps resolving installation or driver issues, see this article), these quick steps may resolve basic issues.

These steps are done through the Monnit Link Gateway Configuration Tool. To access the following menu items, launch the Monnit Link Gateway Configuration Tool, and click the Actions item in the Menu Bar.
Actions Menu

  • Confirm your gateway’s Status is Active or Idle in the Monnit Link Gateway Configuration Tool. Status Active
  • Clear your gateway’s message storage by selecting Actions > Clear Message Storage. Note: this will clear any logged messages your gateway has currently stored.
    Clear Message Storage
  • Reset the Gateway to Default Configurations by selection Actions > Reset. Note: this will reset the gateway to default configurations, including setting the Heartbeat to 5 minutes.
    Reset Default Configurations
  • You may also want to Reform the gateway’s network by selecting Actions > Reform Network. Reform Network
  • To download the Sensor List from Monnit software, select Actions > Download New Sensors. Download New Sensors
  • Finally, select the Send Messages to Server button to initiate a manual communication attempt to the iMonnit software. This will send data to the software in the form of a Sensor List download message.
    Send Messages to Server

If you find that your gateway is unable to communicate with the iMonnit software, you can use the Communication Check Utility to test.

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