How to Use the Power and Utility Switches on the ALTA Industrial IoT Gateway

First, ensure you add your gateway to your account (or network) before turning on your gateway. If you need assistance adding your gateway to your account, please follow [these instructions]/support/knowledgebase/imonnit/adding-devices-to-imonnit/) (or watch this video). Now, plug in your gateway.

You can manage the ALTA Industrial IoT Gateway external power and utility buttons with a magnet that ships with the gateway. The magnetic power interrupt switch has been replaced with a full-featured magnetic on/off power switch. You can turn the gateway on and off by touching a magnet to the contact label (located on the left side of the gateway). See the image below.

Left side: Magnetic power on/off button

gateway left side

The internal utility button has been replaced with an easily accessible and externally operated magnetic utility switch on the right side of the gateway. Simply place the provided magnet to the touch point to operate the utility functions of the gateway.

Right side: Magnetic utility button

gateway right side

Users will receive one of these two magnets:

gateway magnets

If you lose your magnet, you can purchase additional units from Monnit for $10 each or check your local hardware store. Most magnets will be strong enough to trigger the magnetic switch on the gateway.

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