Actions - Configuring a User as a Recipient of an Action in iMonnit Online

There may be occasions where you have already created an Action, but need to add another user as a recipient to the Action. This article will provide steps for doing so.


  1. Log into the iMonnit Online Portal.
  2. Confirm the desired user has been created, and the user’s Notification Details are configured for the desired notification type.
  3. Select Actions in the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Select the Action to which you wish to add a recipient.
    Edit an Action
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  5. Select the tab in the top-right navigation called Actions.
  6. Enable the notification to send to the desired user by selecting the icon for the desired notification type.
    Note: You will only see the notification type icon (SMS for example) if the user is configured to receive that notification type.
    Enable the Action to Send to the User
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  7. Set the desired Delay Period (or select No Delay).
    Set the Delay Period
  8. Select Set.

Going forward, the Action will send to the configured user with the configurations that were applied. Feel free to contact with related inquiries.

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