iMonnit - Date Picker Error Fix "/content/overview/"

You may encounter an issue in which you are presented with only a “month” view when selecting the date picker for your device history. You may also see the text “/content/overview/…” in the start and end date fields. This is related to an issue with the User Preferences. Simply resaving your User Preferences will resolve this issue.
Date Picker Error "/overview/content/..."
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To resolve this, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log into the iMonnit Online Portal to the User Account experiencing this issue.
  2. Confirm the issue is present by selecting the date picker for device history.
  3. Modify the User’s Preferences:
  • Select Users in the navigation menu.
  • Select your User card.
  • Select the Preferences tab.
  • Change the “Default Chart Display” option to a different value.
  • Save.
    User Preferences
  1. Log out and clear the cache and cookies in your browser. Be sure to perform this step as the issue may persist if it is not done.

After saving the display date range, you should now be able to return to the date picker under the device history and select the correct date range. You may want to revert your settings back to your original configuration. Please reach out to with related inquiries.

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