Disabling or Enabling Email Notifications for a User in iMonnit Online

Steps for disabling email notifications for a user in the iMonnit Online Portal

A user can disable alert notifications and System Maintenance notifications from being sent in the iMonnit Online Portal. The steps below will accomplish this.
For steps on opting out of emails from the iMonnit Online portal, see the article Opting Out of Communication from iMonnit Online .


  • Log into the iMonnit Online Portal with the credentials of the user for which you wish to disable Notifications
  • Click the “silhouette” icon at the very top right of the page
  • Select the user
  • Click the Notifications tab (bullhorn icon)
  • Click the Notifications On/Off toggle switch to disable/enable Notifications
  • Click the save button
    Note: If Direct Delivery is selected for the Text Settings toggle switch, be sure to switch it to External Delivery, and the Notifications On/Off switch will appear; if Direct Delivery is selected, the Notifications On/Off toggle switch will not appear.


With Notifications disabled, the user will not receive alert Notifications or Maintenance Notifications from the iMonnit Online Portal.

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