Editing the Content of Maintenance Notifications in Classic View

We send maintenance notifications to inform our customers of upcoming maintenance on our servers. Reseller accounts have the ability to view and edit these upcoming maintenance notices before being released to your users. Editing the maintenance notice will allow you have a more customized message for your users.


To view our Maintenance banner, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Administration tab from the Home Menu
    Administration tab from the Home Menu

  2. Hover / click on the Settings tab
    Settings tab

  3. Select the Maintenance link
    Maintenance link

Upcoming Maintenance Windows

Maintenance Windows

Clicking on the Notice, will expand the notice to allow for override options:

Maintenance Expanded

Edit Description

  • The Description is the message the customer will see when they log in

Description edit

Edit Email Body

  • The Email Body is the message that will go out to your customers email informing them of the upcoming maintenance.

Email body edit

Edit SMS Description

  • The SMS Description is the message that will go out to your customers who are signed up for SMS text messaging, to informing them of the upcoming maintenance.
  • This field has a short 120 character limit due to the size restriction of SMS messages.

SMS notification edit

Don’t forget to save

The Upcoming Maintenance Window looks the same, because it is showing the default message, however the display message has been changed
Upcoming maintenance

Your Upcoming Maintenance Window is now customized. Congratulations!


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