If a Report Download Link Does Not Load a Webpage

If You Create a Report and Find that the link to the Report Does Not Load a Webpage to download the report

There may be a few scenarios when you create a Report in iMonnit Online, and find that when the Report download link does not load a webpage. There may be a few causes for this. If you encounter this issue, the article below may help you resolve it.

Summary of Steps:

  • Check that the Report Name does not contain nonstandard characters
  • Check that there are 30 sensors or less on a Network: Data Export Report.
  • Check that the devices actually contain data for the specified time period.

The Report Name contains unsupported characters

Monnit creates reports based on queries that support only standard non-special characters. If there is an unsupported character in the Report Name, the report will run but will not include the expected data. If you find this to be the case, check that the Report Name does not include any nonstandard characters in the title. The title can use only standard English characters. If you have a symbol in the report name, remove the symbol and the report should contain the expected data. For example, symbols such as á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, (etc.) are not supported. If you find your report has not run and suspect this is the cause, remove any special characters and be sure only to include English language letters.

There are more than 30 sensors on a Network: Data Export Report

The Network: Data Export report supports a maximum of 30 sensors. If there are more than 30 sensors to a Network for which a report was scheduled, the report will be returned with no data. In order to run the report successfully, you will need to make sure the Network contains less than 30 sensors.
Network: Data Export

The devices on the network do not contain data for the specified time period

If you confirm that there are no special characters, and that there are less than 30 sensors on any Network: Data Export Report, you may simply find there is no data for the sensors during the specified time period. You will want to check the sensor’s Readings history to confirm that you see data.


If you find that a scheduled report does not contain the expected data after reviewing the possible causes above, feel free to contact Monnit Support.

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