Legacy iMonnit Mobile App Deprecated

Over the years, Monnit has released two different versions of the iMonnit mobile app. The original version is no longer supported, and the application will redirect to a blank page. If you are launching the mobile app and find that it leads to a blank page, you will need to remove the outdated version and get the new version. Searching “imonnit” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store should guide you to the current version of the application.

Identifying the current version

The previous version of the iMonnit mobile app will be labeled, “iMonnit Mobile” and have an icon of an “O” split in half, with left half of the “O” red and the right half blue, as shown below.
iMonnit Mobile - Legacy App Icon
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The current version of the iMonnit mobile app has a red “i” and blue “M” converged into the “M” as shown below.
iMonnit Mobile App Current Version Icon
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If you have the older version of the app

If you have not removed the previous iMonnit Mobile app, you may encounter a redirection to a blank page as demonstrated in the following image. In this case, you will need to remove the legacy version, and download and install the current version.

Note: Support for the legacy iMonnit Mobile app has ended. This application will no longer function with the recent updates to the iMonnit Online Portal and cannot be restored.

Legacy iMonnit Mobile App Error
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