iMonnit Wallet—Linking a Account with an Account

You can purchase additional products and services in iMonnit, such as various types of credits or iMonnit Premiere subscriptions. Purchasing these items is easier when you link your account to a pre-existing account. The account may already contain the relevant payment details to make purchasing iMonnit items easier without leaving the sensor portal.

Steps for Linking the Accounts

Note: To link a with an, you must create accounts on both sites. You may want to test logging into each site to be sure you have access.

  • Log into Online Portal.
  • In the left-hand navigation menu, select Credits and then Wallet.
    iMonnit - Wallet
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  • If there isn’t a previous link, you will see a Configure Payment Profilepage.
    iMonnit - Config Payment Profile
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  • Enter the email address of your account into the Email Address prompt and click Send Link Code to Email.
  • Enter the code contained within the email sent to the provided email address into the Link Code prompt and click Submit.
    iMonnit - Link Code
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  • Your account information will now be linked and accessible.
    iMonnit - Wallet Linked
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Note: To unlink an account, simply click on Unlink Account on the *Wallet page.

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