Pausing Sensor Actions in iMonnit

Pausing Actions for Sensors


Instructions to temporarily or indefinitely pause all notifications from a single sensor.

While sensor alerts are one of the primary reasons for using Monnit wireless sensors, there may be times when you need to temporarily stop notifications from being sent from a sensor. If this is your case follow the instructions below:

  • Select the “Sensors” option in the main navigation menu located on the left side of the screen.

Select sensors tab

  • Select the sensor for which you want to pause the notifications.

Select Sensor

  • Go to the actions tab inside the sensor page.
  • Select the Pause || button.

Actions > Pause

  • Choose the amount of time that the notifications will be paused.
  • Select “Set”.

Choose and set

NOTE: This function only applies to notifications being sent from the viewed sensor. This will not affect notifications from other sensors even if the notification is shared across multiple sensors.


The “Actions” section provides a way to temporarily or indefinitely pause notifications from the viewed sensor. If you have related questions, feel free to contact

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