How to Set an Action Snooze Time to 0

If You Set the Snooze Time of an Action to 0

The Snooze feature of an Action allows an Action to send repeat notifications at set intervals if the Action is not disarmed. For information regarding Disarming Actions, see Disarming and Rearming Actions. The default Snooze time is 60 minutes. This means the Action will trigger and send a configured notification when it is first triggered. If a user doesn’t Disarm the Action, it will continue to send a notification at the Snooze interval until the condition returns to normal or a user disarms the Action.

What does setting the Snooze to 0 do?

When you set the Snooze Time to 0, it does not disable the Snooze; instead, it sets the Snooze Time to the default 60 minutes. Therefore if you set Snooze to 0, you will receive repeated notifications every 60 minutes until the triggering condition returns to normal or the Action is Disarmed.

What if I don’t want to receive repeated alerts?

There may be some scenarios where you do not want to receive repeated notifications. In this scenario, you can set up a System Action to automatically Disarm (also referred to as Acknowledge) the Action. To do this, enable a System Action. On the Action configuration, select Acknowledge, select the desired Delay time and select the current Action to Disarm. See the relevant article for enabling System Actions for steps on creating System Actions.

Note: If you prefer not to enable a System Action, you can set the Snooze Time to 65535. A repeat notification will still send, but it will be delayed for 45.51 days. For some users, this is a more simple option.

Actions - Snooze Field

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