Rules—Test a Rule in iMonnit Online

Once an Rule is set up in iMonnit, a test can be sent from the Rule to show if all notification or Rule behavior executes as expected.

Note: The test will activate any notification behavior attached to the Rule, including ALTA Control Units, System Actions, Local Alerts, ALTA Thermostats, and Email/SMS/Voice Call alerts.

Steps for triggering a test

  • Log into the portal.
  • Select the Rules option in the main navigation menu
  • Select the Rule you wish to test.
    iMonnit Rule
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  • Within the ‘Rule Information’ pane, select the Send Test Icon.
    Rules - Send Test
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    • Red text will appear below the icon, “1 notification sent”.
      Note: You must have a trigger device and recipient selected in order for the test to be sent.
    • If “Please assign a device” appears, assign a device in the Conditions tab at the top.
  • Within Rule History pane on the same page, the notification will appear with all the details.
  • The Status column will display the result of each Rule or notification and the status.
  • You may want to Disarm and Rearm the Rule after the test so it will send on future triggers.

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