Enterprise - Support Agreement

Monnit Support offers a complete installation of iMonnit Enterprise to be purchased as a service (refer to the Enterprise product page for details). If you purchase full Enterprise Installation Support, please review the following requirements.

  • Windows ®, 2 GB RAM, 2.0GHz Processor, ASP.NET Framework v4.5
    IIS 7, ASP.Net MVC Framework v4.0
  • SQL Server ® 2008 or Newer (Database Server) - SQL Express will work with a 10GB database limit
  • IP or host address for SQL Server
  • Credentials to the SQL Server database with the sa User enabled (or a User with full read and write capabilities)
  • Provide Monnit full control of the Windows PC with a remote access software (Windows RDP, TeamViewer, or similar)
  • Windows Features found in this article
  • To have the installation executed more promptly, it can be done unaccompanied in which case the credentials will need to be provided to * Monnit Support (support@monnit.com); if preferred, an accompanied installation can be conducted Mon - Fri 9 AM, 11 AM, or 3 PM Mountain upon schedule request sent to support@monnit.com
  • Meeting requests will be accommodated within 5 business days of request
  • Sessions will be limited to 1 hour in length, once per week

Enterprise Installation Recommendations

We recommend that you have a resource familiar with Microsoft stack server deployments. This resource should understand IIS website configuration, SQL Server Management, and Windows Services. This could be a System Administrator, Developer, DBA or someone with similar experience.

If you do not have access to a resource, Monnit provides the following installation support options;

Complete Enterprise Installation - $400 (One time fee)
Note: To utilize this service we will need temporary administrative remote access to the server.
Enterprise Installation Support - $200 (2hr increments)

After Installation Recommendations

When your database growth exceeds 100k data records we recommend you have at minimum a contract in place with a DBA to evaluate the system for optimization and query tuning on an as needed basis.

When your database growth exceeds 10 million data records we recommend you have a DBA consistently evaluate the system for optimizations.

If you prefer, Monnit provides the following database maintenance support options;

One time evaluation to configure initial DB maintenance - $1000
Note: Required before annual contract starts. Includes Backup strategy and scheduling, initial tuning, automated maintenance, etc.
Less than 100K records tuning twice a year - $600 annual (response time 5 business days)
100K – 1M records tuning four times per year - $1000 annual (response time 5 business days)
1M – 10M records tuning monthly - $2400 annual (response time 2 business days)
10M + records - Call for pricing

Costs are based on an estimated time of 1-2 hours per tuning session.


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