Advanced Vibration Sensor - "Hardware Error"

The Monnit Advanced Vibration sensor has error reporting which can be triggered by various conditions. You will want to examine the factors below to determine the issue.

  • Examine the sensor’s placement and probe lead wire is not near sources of EMI; the lead wire is not shielded and so can be affected by EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).
  • Examine the sensor for nicks or kinked probe lead wire.
  • Examine the sensor’s probe for indications of damage.
  • Check the sensor’s firmware version and update the sensor firmware if possible - (visit and enter the Sensor ID and SC Code).
    Firmware 16.x.x.x and earlier may exhibit this issue.

Identifying the issue

The best way to identify if the issue is hardware on the sensor or if it is a result of environmental/installation conditions would be to remove the sensor from its installation, place it 10-15 feet from the gateway, power the sensor off for 60 seconds, then back on. If the sensor checks in without the error persistently, the issue is likely related to EMI or other environmental conditions in the installation location. If the issue persists after the firmware is up to date and the sensor is removed from the installation, the sensor may need to be returned to Monnit for a hardware repair. Please contact to request a repair.

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