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Adding Sensors on the Local Interface

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Guide to adding sensors offline on the local interface

Description:  The local interface is an alternative way to adjust settings on your gateway offline. Sensors must be registered to a gateway to be operable. The local interface is only accessible offline and on a desktop computer. If this is your first time setting up a gateway to access the local interface please review the article Gateway Local Interface Setup.

  • Open a web browser and enter "192.168.100." 
    • Lights on your gateway will turn solid green when this connection has been established.
  • Click the Wireless Network Configuration tab.


  • The first section you’ll see is the Current Wireless Network Settings. This section will show you the Active Channel and Total Network Devices (Sensors) on your gateway.
  • The next section is the Gateway Device List. You’ll see the total number of sensors on your gateway and which slots they are active in. Every sensor has a unique Device ID and has its slot.
  • The final section is Add Device to Gateway. This is where you will add the information for your new sensor.
    • Slot Index [1-512] – Your gateway has 512 slots available to assign a sensor to. Refer to the above table to see which slots already have sensors assigned to them. Enter a slot not already occupied by a sensor and continue to the next field.
    • Device ID -  The Device ID is a unique number located on each device label. It will be labeled as “ID” on your Monnit® sensor.
    • Security Code - A security code will be all letters, no numbers. It can also be found on the barcode label of your Monnit® sensor.
    • Click the “Add Sensor” button.
    • Navigate up to the top right corner of the page and select the “Reboot” button.
    • Your gateway will reboot. Your new sensor will be added to the list of devices.

You’ve added a sensor! Repeat the above steps any time you need to add another sensor in the future.

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