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ALTA Sensor Schedules

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A guide to setting up ALTA sensor schedules in iMonnit.

Description: By default, your sensor will be active all day. As a way to save battery life, iMonnit® presents the option to set active times for your sensor. Sensor schedules can only be set individually, not as a group. The time zone will be based on the time zone dictated in your account settings. 
  • Open iMonnit. 
  • Select Sensors from the main navigation page. 
  • Choose a sensor from the list.
  • Pick the Settings tab. 
  • Below the Sensor Settings, text boxes are the Sensor Schedule button. Select the button to open up the sensor schedule page. 
  • The Sensor On & Off Schedule will display the current schedule for this particular sensor. All times when the sensor is active are in green. Periods, where the sensor is off, are grayed out. Once a sensor is set into the "Off" position, that sensor cannot be reached until the inactivity period is complete. Meaning it will not respond if any of the trigger settings are breached. Note also that changing out the battery during an off period will deliver one reading before the sensor returns to an inactive state.
  • To Edit the Schedule, find the Edit Schedule button in the bottom right corner, directly under the schedule. 
  • First, select which day(s) you want to set your schedule. You have the option of selecting all seven or only specific days of the week you prefer this sensor to be active. 
  • There are four options for the hourly sensor schedule. 

All Day
The sensor will be active all day without any periods of inactivity. This is the default state for the sensor. 

Off Completely
The sensor will be inactive all day without any periods of activity. 

Between Chosen Times
This option will make your sensor active between the desired start and end time. It can be set in one of two ways. 
  • Select the exact Start Time and End Time in the pop-up window. 
  • Drag each end of the green active bar to a specific time. 

Before & After
Similar to the Between Chosen Times option, Before & After sets the sensor active times before a set time and following a set time. The range in between will be inactive. You will not be able to proceed until setting a clear end and start time. It can be set in one of two ways.
  • Select the exact Start Time and End Time in the pop-up window.
  • Drag each end of the green active bar to a specific time. 

Select the Save button. 

Congratulations! You've set your sensor schedule!

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