Generating a Token

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Quick guide to generating an access token in iMonnit.

Description: If you ever have to call into Monnit® Technical Support, you may be asked to provide an Account Access Token. An Access Token is an alphanumerical code valid for 24 hours so Monnit support can assist with issues on the account. It can be extended or revoked if the problem is solved no longer wish to grant access.

  •  Open iMonnit®.
  • Navigate to the Account Menu located in the top right-hand corner under the account icon.
  • Select Account Settings from the menu. It will be the second option down, as seen in the picture.
  • The Account Details page will open.  Find the “Generate Token” button under the account details.
  • Choose the button to receive the unique access code.


Only the person with the token can get in. The code will automatically expire in 24 hours. 

Extending a Token

  • Selecting the Extend button will grant a one-time week-long extension period before mandatory expiration. You will not be able to extend the validation time for the access code again. It will expire when the week is up automatically and a new access code will have to be generated, should you need it. 

Revoking a Token

  • Choose the Revoke Token button to end access before the expiration date. This will automatically make the code invalid and no one else will be able to access your account using it.


Congratulations! You’ve just generated an access token!

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