Getting Started - Account Overview Page

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Getting started guide to the homepage dashboard on iMonnit mobile.

Description: The overview page is the homepage for iMonnit®. From here, you can view important notifications and have a central dashboard from where you can drill down into more specific information.

  • Open iMonnit. You will be guided to your dashboard.


  • First, you’ll see all your recent notifications.

  • If no notifications have triggered recently, or you haven't set up your notification settings, this portion of the dashboard will be blank.

  • Below this is a percentage denoting your overall system health.

Note: The System Health percentage is calculated using the average gathered from Communication Assessment, Signal Strength, and Battery Level.

A. Total Sensors & Status and Total Gateways & Status.

  • These boxes will show you the number of sensors and gateways registered under your account name and give a running tally of how many of those devices are online, offline, or alerting.

  • Selecting the box for Total Sensors & Status will lead you to the Sensor Page.

  • Selecting the box for Total Gateways & Status will lead you to the Gateway Page.

B. Reports.

  • Selecting this link will take you the Reports page.

  • For more on creating and managing reports, see the article Getting Started - Reports

C. Network Maps

  • This link will take you to a page where you can record the placement of all your sensors if you have multiple devices.

  • For more on creating and managing Sensor Maps, view the article Getting Started - Sensor Maps.

D. Networks

  • This is the total number of networks (sensors and gateways) registered to your account. The default number will be 1.

E. Add Devices.

This will be your iMonnit homepage. Check it regularly to make sure your sensor(s) and gateway(s) are functioning properly. Review this article any time you need a reference for your account overview page.

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