Getting Started - Account Settings

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Getting started guide for account settings on iMonnit for mobile.

Description: Account Settings is where you can edit any account information. From this easy to use page, you can configure account parameters, manage users, set account level preferences, and manage your notification credits. 

  • Open iMonnit®.

  • Select the profile symbol in the top right to open the profile menu. "Account Settings" will be the second option down. 

A. The Settings page will be the first page you see. This will contain all the account information you entered when registering for your account. This is where you will manage your subscription when you need to upgrade or renew your account.

Above are the tabs allowing you to edit this information:

B. The Edit tab allows you to change your account information.

  • New additions here that you didn't have the opportunity to adjust before include your address and maximum failed login attempts before the user is locked out for not remembering their password.

C. The User List tab will list all users who have access to the account.

  • You will be listed as the primary user of the account and the only one listed if no other users have been added.

  • If you have a basic account, you will not be able to add more users. This feature is only available for active iMonnit Premiere users.

D. Account Preferences is a new feature and new preferences will be added so check back often.

E. The Notification Credits tab will display all the settings for credits needed to participate in Direct SMS, and Voice.

  • Email and External Provider SMS Messaging do not require Notification Credits.

  • Notification credits can be redeemed on this page by entering the code and selecting "Redeem Code."

  • The number of credits purchased will be shown below this data. Credit Notification Settings sit below where you can see how many credits are available, set a threshold and list users to be notified.

Review this article any time to reference the Account Settings Page.

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