Getting Started - Adding a User

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Getting started guide for adding a user on iMonnit mobile

Description: The ability to add users to an account is an exclusive feature of iMonnit® Premiere. Having additional users on an account gives you the chance to act as an administrator and control what each person is allowed to see and do on the account. This can be extremely helpful if you have a large company and several people need access to Monnit® sensors in the event of an emergency. 

  • Open iMonnit

  • Find the  profile symbol in the top right to open the main navigation menu. "User List" will be the second option down. 



  • The user list will display all users who have access to the account.

  • Note: If no other users have been added, yours will be the only one listed as the primary user. 

Adding a New User

  • Select "Add User.” 

  • The Add User page will appear. You must enter the new user's account information. If you click out of this page to another tab, it will not display again. 

    • The User Name will autopopulate with the email address. You will have to change this in the User Name text box if you prefer it to be different.

    • The password must be at least eight characters.

    • Checking the box for "Is Administrator" gives the new user the ability to add new users to the account. By default, the box is not checked. Leave this box unchecked if you do not want them to have this ability.

    • After you have entered all the account information, select the "Submit" button.

New User Settings

After submitting the new user information, the following tabs will guide you through editing their settings.

This is where the password can be changed and reset. This information can also be downloaded to your computer by clicking the cloud icon in the upper right corner.

A. User Details lists the user's name, password, email, and whether they have signed up to Text (SMS) messaging.

B. User Permissions gives the admin the option of blocking users from having full access to the site.

  • Options include: Acknowledge Notifications, Edit Gateway Configuration, Password Unlock, and more.

C. User Preferences is a new feature, check back in the future for more options.

D. Notification Details is where you can adjust settings for how you want to be alerted about errors in sensors and gateways.

  • You can receive these alerts over email, text (SMS) messaging, or voicemail. By default, notifications will be off, if not adjusted. You can turn them on by clicking the "Turn On Notifications" button.


You've created a new user! Repeat these steps any time you need to register a new user to your account.

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