Getting Started - Registering Devices

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Getting started guide to registering new devices on iMonnit

Description: Sensors must be registered to a gateway in order to be operable. Registering your sensor(s) and Gateway(s) is easier than ever before with iMonnit mobile. You can just scan a QR code and have your ID and Security code entered automatically. 

  • Open iMonnit®.
  • From the overview page, select Add Device.
  • You will need to enter the Device ID and Securtiy Code from your MonnitLink™ gateway in the corresponding text boxes.
  • Use the camera on your smartphone to scan the QR code on your Gateways(s) first. Then scan your sensor(s).
  • If you do not have a camera on your phone or it is not accepting the QR code, you may enter the Device ID and Security Code manually. 


  1. The Device ID is a unique number located on each device label. It will be labeled as “ID” on your MonnitLink™ gateway or Monnit sensor.
  2. Next you'll be asked to enter the Security Code (SC) on your device. A security code will be all letters, no numbers. It can also be found on the barcode label of your MonnitLink™ gateway Or Monnit® sensor.
  • Click "Submit."
You will see that your sensor has successfully been added.

Continue adding more gateways and sensors as needed by repeating the steps above

When you have added all of your gateways and sensors for this account press “Continue”

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