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Getting started guide to adding a report on iMonnit.

Description: Reports are delivered regularly via email, updating you on sensor activity. The interval of these reports is easy to set and can even be submitted as one-time non-recurring updates. Regular reports help you stay up to date on your sensor activity.  This guide will walk you through setting up a battery health report.  You can use the same steps to set up other reports as needed.  Some parameters will differ slightly depending on the type of report you select.

  • Open iMonnit®. 
  • Find "Reports" in the main navigation menu and select.
  • A list of all previous reports will display. 
  • Note: If this is your first time creating a report, the page will be mostly blank.  

Adding a Battery Health Report
  • To create a new report, select "Add Report" in the upper left-hand corner.  

  • Next you will select Battery Health Report from the drop down menu : 

A. The first step will be to add a title for your report. 

B. When creating the report, you will be asked to input a title and when you want the report delivered. You have several options for selecting when you want the report generated. You can also customize what time of day you would like to receive the report; Morning, Mid-day, Evening, or Night:       
               Monthly = The 1st, 8th, 15th, or 22nd of every month.
               Weekly = Once on the preferred day of the week.
               Daily = Every day at the time of your choosing.
               Once = A one-time, non-recurring, report.

C. Selecting "SAVE" will immediately add your new test to the list where you can continue to edit, view report history, and customize recipients. 

Your user will automatically be added as a recipient of the report.  To add other users first, make sure they have been added to the account then click on the name of the report you want to mange.

  • Choose the Report Recipients tab.

  • Select the other users you would like to also be notified when the report runs.


You’ve added your first report!  Repeat the process above to add additional reports. 

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