Connecting Monnit Wi-Fi Sensors to iMonnit Express

Keywords: iMonnit Express, MOWI, Wi-Fi Sensors


A step by step of how to connect a Wi-Fi sensor to Express.

This tech-tip is meant to give instructions for using Monnit® (MoWi™) Wi-Fi sensors with the iMonnit Express local PC application. The iMonnit Express™ software allows you to track sensor data directly on your PC without having to send the sensor data to the online system. Some of the benefits of using iMonnit Express are that you can run a wireless monitoring system behind a company firewall and you can also collect sensor data more rapidly than the online system (faster heartbeats). For product documentation and additional help visit

Note: The computer running iMonnit Express and the Wi-Fi sensors need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Add Wi-Fi Sensors to iMonnit Express

    • Make sure your pc is connected to the internet
    • Start iMonnit Express
    • Add the Wi-Fi Sensor to Express
            • Click Configuration
            • Click Add Sensor
Add sensor to iMonnit Express 

            • Type in the sensor Number
            • Type in the sensor Code
            • Click Save. This should download the sensor from iMonnit and add it to the list.

    • After all Wi-Fi Sensors have been added go to the list and click on the first Wi-Fi Sensor
            • In the overview page for this Wi-Fi Sensor you will need to click on the "Edit" tab.
            • Scroll down to find Wi-Fi Configuration
            • Type in your Server Host Address and add your PC's IP Address.

(If you are not sure how to find your Computers IP Address click "About" at the top of Monnit Express. When it drops down, you will see local IP Address, hover your mouse over the arrow and the local IP address will be displayed.)

Find computer IP address in iMonnit Express 

Configure Monnit Wi-Fi sensors to access the Wi-Fi network and iMonnit Express

    • Download and install the MoWi USB cable driver by following the instrustions at
    • Download the Monnit Wi-Fi programming utility from 
      under "Monnit Wi-Fi (MoWi) Sensors".
    • Install and run the Wi-Fi Sensor Utility.
    • Connect the Wi-Fi sensor to your computer via a Monnit Wi-Fi programming cable.
    • Click the drop down for Wireless Network SSID and select "Search for Networks".
    • Select your Wi-Fi network from the list (the security type should update automatically).
    • Enter the Key/Passphrase for the Wi-Fi network.
    • Click Advanced Settings.
            • In Server Address put in the IP Address of the computer that has iMonnit Express on it.
            • Server Port by default is 3000 unless you have changed that setting in iMonnit Express.

Enter IP Address of Computer into iMonnit Express 

    • Click Configure Sensor.
    • The sensor will be configured then tested to make sure it can:
            - Connect to the Wi-Fi router.
            - Connect to the iMonnit Express program running on the computer (so make sure express
               is still running and that the Sensor has been added to the list of sensors).
    • If the sensor successfully connects to the Wi-Fi router and iMonnit Express, unplug the sensor 
      from the usb cable (it is now ready to use). If the sensor did not connect successfully, repeat
      the programming steps.
    • Plug in any additional Wi-Fi sensors and repeat the programming steps until all Wi-Fi Sensors 
      are configured.