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Information on repeated data in the sensor history

Information on text messages and associated fees/charges.

Information on how long it takes to receive a notification from iMonnit.

This article will explain how to separate humidity and temperature into 2 cells for graphing, analyzing in Excel.

The following steps will guide you through the process of exporting your sensor data to a CSV file and help you understand the format of the data file.

When using the iMonnit User Interface or Monnit Express software, you may notice the "Edit" icon change to show a small red "x" in the bottom right corner. The "x" signifies that a sensor configuration has been changed in the software and is queued to update the sensor hardware configuration on its next heartbeat.

Explanation of how the battery life is displayed in the sensor history and the meaning of it.

How to configure same sensor types with the same settings

A step by step of how to connect a Wi-Fi sensor to Express.

Enable or disable email and text alerts for all wireless sensors on your network