Creating Sub Accounts in iMonnit Online

The most efficient way for you to maintain accounts for each of your clients/customers is to create their accounts for them, under your main account. Pricing is based on how many sensors the client will be using. You may find the breakdown in costs by clicking here:

To create a new sub account, first log into in your main account. Next, click on the “Administration” tab.
1. Click “Create New Account”
2. Enter the required information in the fields.

Fig 1

3. Click the acknowledgement (after reading the Terms and Conditions)
4. Click “Next”
5. Enter the Primary Contact details

Fig 2

6. Click “Next” 

Note:  Once you click “Next” you are proxied in as the Primary Contact for the new account.

7. Enter the name which will be used for the Network. (i.e. Building 1, XYZ Co, etc.)
8. Click “Create Sensor Network”

Fig 3

The next steps are optional (If you want to add their sensors and gateways

1. Add gateway(s) to the new Network.
     a. Enter the Gateway ID
     b. Enter the Gateway Code
     c. Click “Assign Gateway”

Fig 4

2. Assign sensors to the new Network.
     a. Enter the sensor ID
     b. Enter the Sensor Code
     c. Click “Assign Sensor”
     d. Enter the sensor name
     e. Choose how the sensor will be used.
     f. Click “Continue” 

fig 5

The new account is now set up and ready for deployment.

In the event that a customer does create their own account, you may email us